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自从1868年楔石学院成立以来, our graduates have become leaders in the fields of business, 科学, 教育, 政府, and numerous other careers and professions within the community. While we are immensely proud our students and alumni, we are equally as proud to be your community partner. Keystone continues to be a positive social and economic impact throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania, 包括我们的即时 Factoryville/La Plume社区.
重点大学 students walk along the Trolley Trail.


About 43 percent of Keystone students are first-generation college students and approximately 100 percent of our students receive some type of financial aid. 我们大约有82%的人,100 students reside in Pennsylvania and 33 percent are from rural counties such as Wyoming, 萨斯奎哈纳, 布拉德福德, 和其他人. 在过去的十年里, Keystone has awarded an average of $9.每年500万的内部学生补助.

每一天, we strive to contribute to the common good in our community, 我们的地区, 我们的国家和我们的世界.


“重点大学 is once again proud to be an 教育al partner with the Dennis Farm Charitable Land Trust as we host this important symposium on our beautiful campus” said 重点大学 President John F. Pullo,老. “丹尼斯农场 has played such a meaningful role in our nation’s history and we are delighted to celebrate that history with everyone from 丹尼斯农场 and with our campus and local communities.”

丹尼斯农场 Charitable Land Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of 丹尼斯农场. The 153-acre historic farm located in Brooklyn Township, 萨斯奎哈纳县, was purchased and settled by the ancestors of Denise Dennis, free African Americans who journeyed to Northeastern Pennsylvania from Connecticut in the late 1700s.

今天, 丹尼斯农场 serves as a living tribute to the lives and accomplishments of this remarkable family and Ms. Dennis serves as president and CEO of 丹尼斯农场 Charitable Land Trust. In 2012, Keystone began hosting 丹尼斯农场 Symposium and Field Tour, an annual on-campus conference which also included guided tours of 丹尼斯农场 conducted by Keystone students.

Keystone students gather at Helping Hands Learning Center


We believe a college should do more than train students for a job or a career. It should make a positive impact on the lives of others.

连续五年, Keystone has been named to the President’s Honor Roll for Community Service recognizing the 25,000 hours of community service performed each year by Keystone students, 教职员工.  Of that total, approximately 6,500 hours are performed in and around the Borough of Factoryville. Some of our many community service projects include:

  • Serving hot lunches to senior citizens at Mathewson Park Apartments in Factoryville
  • Holding an annual book sale to raise funds for the Factoryville Public 图书馆
  • Planting trees in partnership with the Factoryville Shade Tree Commission
  • Hosting the annual Christy Mathewson Days celebration, race, and community breakfast
  • Partnering with local organizations to serve over 1,500 Thanksgiving dinners at the annual Friends of the Poor celebration in Scranton
  • Partnering with the American Red Cross for regularly scheduled blood drives
  • 在托马斯G举办免费活动和讲座. Fleetville的Cupillari ' 60天文台
  • Inviting members of the public to campus for free entertainment, 乐队和音乐活动, 还有全国知名专家的讲座
  • Helping with community service projects at United Neighborhood Centers in Scranton
  • Conducting athletic camps for local children and teens
  • 在华盛顿特区的无家可归者收容所做志愿者.C.
  • 来帮助海地的灾民

$13 Million Annual Economic Impact on the Community

除了伸出援助之手, 重点大学 plays a vital role in the economic life of our community.

  • Approximately 85 percent of all Keystone purchases, 包括消耗品, 家具, 广告, 专业服务, 是否与当地公司进行交易. As a result of these purchases, the College injects about $2.500万年 每年投入当地经济.
  • Keystone has about 200 full-time employees and about 200 part-time employees, 包括兼职教员.  Employees of 重点大学 have an approximate “take home” pay of about 900万美元其中大部分花费在当地社区.
  • Keystone员工的贡献 $120,000 每年都给当地市政当局. (假设是1).2 percent average municipal earned income tax based on data compiled by the Association of Independent Colleges & 宾夕法尼亚大学(AICUP).  据估计,Keystone员工的支出 $48,000 每年在Factoryville社区举办一次.
  • Pennsylvania income taxes paid by 重点大学 employees exceed $300,000.
  • The College provides health insurance to all full-time employees at the cost of more than $1.400万年 每年. The overwhelming majority of claims are paid to physicians, 药店, 以及当地城镇的医疗设施.
  • Keystone students contribute to the economic vitality of the community. A conservative estimate of per student spending in the community is $360 per student ($10 per week for 9 months). 这转化为 $430,000 injected into the local economy through student spending. 在这总数中,我们至少估计 $125,000 花在工厂镇的时间.
  • 总计, 重点大学, its students and employees contribute approximately $16 million to the local and state economy each year.
  • 在过去的十年里, Keystone’s total economic impact to the local and state economy has been more than $150 million.